​Wether you have everything you need and are ready to get started, or know you want to make a change but have no idea where to start, GCM will help. We will see you through the process from beginning to the very end.

Design & Space Planning

Once we determine what you want to achieve we can begin to discuss options. The important part of this process is asking questions, sharing ideas, and arriving at your desired outcome. And should you be inclined, we have working relationships with qualified designers that we can bring into the picture.

Material Selection

Selecting materials can be overwhelming but it can also be part of the fun. This step will usually begin during the design phase and will sometimes change as other decisions are made.

From cabinets, countertops, and tile, to plumbing fixtures and appliances, click the links below to learn more about just a few of the companies we work with and products we use


Now we can put everything together and get to work.
​Our employees care about your projects and strive to exceed your expectations.


It seems almost anything imaginable can be achieved these days which can make the process challenging. We're just a phone call away and will never charge to meet with you to discuss your project. Call on our expertise and 30 years of experience to help refine your ideas.

What makes GCM Custom Kitchen and Bath is the comprehensive, professional service. From solving design problems, to eliminating structural headaches, GCM has the experience and know-how to conceive and carryout remodeling projects that retain the integrity of our home’s design. GCM employs true craftsmen who follow up and make good on their product. GCM Custom Kitchen and Bath has remodeled both bathrooms, kitchen and living areas in our home and their experienced eye for design helped to make the entry doorway to our home simply spectacular!

~ M. Winters, Irving TX

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